Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween "Business" Tip

Happy Halloween! What did you go as?

Earlier this morning I read this little article that J Gitomer forwarded along...

It was emailed to him yesterday and he compared it to Sales People.

In my mind, this could easily be added to what we do for a living...

Here’s why Halloween should be a national network marketing holiday:

On Halloween Trick or Treaters are really "sorters" in disguise!

1. Trick or treaters dress for success.
2. The most effective trick or treaters plan their routes/day wisely to maximize their time in the field.
3. The most successful trick or treaters start early and work late.
4. The most successful trick or treaters ask for the order! (Trick or Treat?)
5. The most successful trick or treaters network to find out where the best treats are to be found.
6. It’s a night filled with cold calling/sorting.
7. Savvy treaters have been known to try to ask for their fair share, wait a while, and return for an up sell.
8. If you want to make more treats, you have to make more calls.
9. Smart treaters always say thank you.
10. At the end of the day, if you didn’t get all the treats you wanted, you only have yourself to blame.

Good Point...Well Presented...


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