Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Story

If someone won't buy your story why would you buy theirs?
- Patrick Maser

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let It Be You

Each and every day, there are people all around the country and world who are living their dreams. Millionaires are made every day. Families are experiencing tremendous relationships. People are becoming more and more healthy. Life-long learners are growing intellectually and improving their chances for success.

The fact is that living the life of your dreams is possible. People prove that every day. Someone somewhere is going to get rich, get healthy and improve their life. My recommendation is this: Let it be you!

Have you ever wanted to make more money? Have you ever looked at someone who has money and wished that it could be you? People think about getting wealthy all of the time, when only a small percentage actually does. But any of the masses could.

Someone is going to start a business. Someone is going to make a great investment. Someone is going to begin the journey to great wealth. So why not let it be you?

Someone is going to decide to improve their relationships. Someone is going to enjoy love with their family. Someone is going to schedule some meaningful time with their friends. So why not let it be you?

Someone is going to go back to school to improve their life. Someone is going to become a life-long learner. Someone is going to set a goal to read a book or listen to a cd each week for the next year. So why not let it be you?

Someone is going to look in the mirror and see that they need to lose a little weight and they will make the decision to become healthy. Someone will run their first marathon. Someone will join an aerobics class and improve their health. Why not let it be you?

I think that by now you get the point: Everyday people are improving their lives. Whether you do or not doesn’t matter to those who do. They are going to do it, regardless. It is simply a matter of a decision being made. Let that person be you!

You may be asking, “Okay Jim, but how?” Well, let’s cover the very simple actions.

The first and most important is to make a commitment to work on yourself. Are you going to improve or stay the same? No matter what you have achieved, you are at a certain point right now. What you have achieved in the past is fine, but it doesn’t make a difference for the future. The decision about what you will become is made each day and every day. Each day someone is making the decision to better him or herself. Let that person be you!

The second is to make a plan. Once you have decided to become better you will have to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be a long, intricate plan. It can be simple. Save a dollar a day. Walk a mile a day. Read an article a day. That is a simple plan with achievable goals. Someone is going to develop a plan that will take them into the future of their dreams. Let it be you!

The third is to begin to act. All of the great ideas, without action, become stale and useless. The key to turning dreams into reality is action. People who have great ideas are a dime a dozen. People who act on their dreams and ideas are the select few, but they are the ones who gain the wealth, wealth and wisdom that is available. Someone will act today. Let it be you.

My encouragement to you is to stop looking at others who live the good life, wishing that you were as well, and instead begin to commit to your improvement, develop a plan and act on it. Someone is going to. Let it be you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Head Start

Couldn't help but post this...
From to the multi-billionaire who is training me this weekend.
Learning before I even arrive...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Human Potential

The process of human change begins within us. We all have tremendous potential. We all desire good results from our efforts. Most of us are willing to work hard and to pay the price that success and happiness demand.

Question is, is do you ???

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be Your Best

If you do not work passionately at being the best in the world at what you do, then you are failing your talent, and your destiny!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Do You Stand For?

Some people might wonder why? Some might laugh? Some might totally get it? Either way, I don't care... It's not about who they are celebrating, but instead celebrating what he stood for... Today marks the 22nd year that the City of Toronto has recognized Feb. 6 as Bob Marley Day. The Bob Marley Award ceremony was be held at City Hall this morning at 10 a.m. The global icon, musical prophet, whose words and vision forever changed the world. His image and music evoke a rich legacy and emotional connection that transcends generation, ethnicity, gender, and geography. In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, Marley’s message of unity, freedom, peace, empowerment and love have never been more relevant. #WhatDoYouStandFor #89DaysUntilOurWeddingInJamaica #RIP_BobMarley

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Know Yourself

Ask Yourself:

Is there anyone else who can do this better than I can? That’s just another way of saying know yourself & know your competition.

Then ask: What am I pretending not to see? These two simple questions can pave the way for some very clear answers


Monday, February 4, 2013

Magnificent Monday

Sorry for not posting over the weekend...

But, today is a Magnificent Monday!

You have been blessed to see the start of another glorious week. The slate has been wiped clean (of the good and bad). You have another opportunity to BE MORE and DO BETTER. This week can be your best week ever! Remember, success is just a string of successful weeks tied together.
Here’s a quote that is particularly insightful and motivating:

For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field
when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something
that builds physically and mentally every day that you
train and every night that you dream. ~ Emmitt Smith

THIS WEEK’S TIP: Play to Win Everyday

First let me say, I LOVE THIS QUOTE! It embodies everything I promote in my professional life: DAILY, consistent and calculated effort toward a clear vision and motivating goals.

I see it all the time… those who rise to an occasion and simply do enough to get by the rest of the time. It reminds me of my college days when I waited to the night before to write a term paper or study for a big test. Yes, I usually did well enough to pass. But the deep understanding of concepts and applications that builds one’s strategic thinking skills into a formidable arsenal of insights eluded me back then. I was fortunate enough to have a professor inspire me to view everyday as a “big test” and to want to have form and substance. That is to say, she inspired me to not just know the right answer, but to want to know at a core level how to reach the right answer. She inspired me to really want to know “my stuff.” This changed everything for me. Thank you Professor Andante!

So many have only superficial (i.e., a “working”) knowledge of their core business and they only show up “big” when it’s time to play the “game.” Time and the demands of dynamic markets will eventually reveal the superficial ones for what they are: all form and no substance. This is one reason why success, if they manage to attain any, is temporary and/or easily undone. Don’t let this happen to you!

I encourage you to make a conscious decision to view everyday as playing the “game” and then play to win EVERDAY. Avoid being one of those who only rise to an occasion. Daily, consistent and calculated effort toward a clear vision and motivating goals produces a strong foundation for success that will not be undone by hard times. In fact, so-called hard times will only catapult your success further because you’ll have the insights and understanding necessary to anticipate and capitalize on change, while the superficial ones are paralyzed and crumbling around you from “unexpected” demands. Lasting success belongs to those who not only know the right answer, but also know how to reach the right answer (i.e., the true strategic thinkers).

THIS WEEK’S AFFIRMATION: Everyday, I consciously give consistent and calculated effort toward knowing and understanding my core business, and to completion of daily goals.

Great post from an inspiring woman - Sherrin Ross Ingram


Friday, February 1, 2013


Develop self-awareness. “As we learn more about who we are, we begin to make better choices and decisions for ourselves and about ourselves. As our choices improve, so do our results, and as our results improve, so does our attitude.”


Develop self-awareness. “As we learn more about who we are, we begin to make better choices and decisions for ourselves and about ourselves. As our choices improve, so do our results, and as our results improve, so does our attitude.”