Saturday, November 27, 2010


Some people regularly ask me "how is it you do what you do on a consistant basis?

I have always answered - even back in the Music Industry days that...

The key to success in life and business is having influence !!!

You can have all the right ideas or products or services, but if you aren't able to get people to listen to you and act on what you say, you are dead in the water.

It's all about making a connection. A connection that allows you and the potential customer and/or prospect to connect on a level of trust, value etc., as soon as possible.

That connection can be completed if you are knowledgable in what you are discussing/presenting; Are deemed trust-worthy; And most importantly, you are able to convey an confident attitude - Not a cockey or arrogant attitude - A confident attitude that creates an urgent "I want to associate myself with this person feeling within the customer an/or prospect.

Remember, people follow leaders.

Look in the mirror - Whatever it is you are trying to convey, are you being perceived as a confident leader?


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