Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lack of Integrity - Re Commmitment

Lack of Integrity - Re Commmitment

Well hello friendly blog followers,

There comes a time, in everyone's life, when a person must publically declare, that they did not do what it was they said they would do...

That time for me, is today...

Last month in a couple of specific posts, I blogged about my dissatisfaction in a few areas of my life. I spoke about reaching out to a few friends/mentors to get some "re-invention" advice, and committed to this re-invention.

I also blogged about "accountability", and the importance of being accountable...

Well, I've personally found myself these past few weeks moving forward with a serious lack of integrity - And it's time to re-commit to my goals...

~ My health & well-being goals (fitness & getting more rest)
~ My realtionship goals of spending quality, no-tech time with Mich, Mad & Wy
~ My personal development goals
~ My professional commitment to following a proven system

The long and the short of it is this my friends...

~ Sometimes we fall off the path we committed to following.
~ Sometimes we are pushed off the path.
~ Sometimes we stop to take a nap because things got so hectic.
~ Sometimes we jump off because we don't see immediate results

We all know the key to success my friends is to keep your word (your integrity) intact, and to implement consistant action.

And, if for some reason you find yourself falling, being pushed, napping or jumping - Publically declare that you are not being true to your word, and re-commit to the things you have listed as priorities in your life.

By publically declaring this, you are once again stating your intentions, which will force your mind, body and soul to re-commmit and succeed !!!

Have a great day...


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