Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year Is About 2 Begin

Ponder this:

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, what really will have changed?
Your heart will still beat the same, the sun will still rise in the morning as it does everyday, as the moon will still wax and it orbits the earth...also in the same way...

Now consider this:

When we were kids, whether it was Christmas, New Years Eve, a birthday or Halloween...every one of these events were magical.

Then we grew up...

And as we did, that magic slowly began to dissipate. Christmas became an extra bill to payout, birthdays became another date we'd often forget or just remind us of our age which we often regret, and Halloween was just a forecast of the fall and cold ass winter to come.

I've come to realize one thing about life,

"The only meaning there is, is the meaning you give."

So make this New Year mean something more, make it truly a time of great transformation and power.

Take your health back into your hands and love those in your life more than you every have.

Happy New Year, New Way, New Age, and New World.

Be safe and surrounded with love.

Thanks Niko - Wise Words My Fellow Leo


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your wisdom and leadership
    Thinking of us as the Millenium becomes a teenager...fortunatado 13 think on that
    I had no idea in 2000 where I would be in 2013
    I am Home. ..We are Home!!!
    We have all that we need to foster greatness wealth and prosperity in the coming year
    Thank you for bei in ACN Thank you for bring someone I aspire to be
    Happy NEW year to you and Michelle
    Jane Anne