Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recognizing & Unleashing Your Potential

Hello My Friends... Here's prolly the most fun I've had making a video blog...Fun and (somewhat) dangerous...No worries...nothing was hurt in the filming of this video !!! For those who have commented in the past - and those who haven't - I'd appreciate your thoughts on this blog - be them good or bad !!! Till the next time...

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  1. While I don't actually condone blogging and driving, I do think this is an excellent post. Great analogy!

  2. Thanks Tania. Much appreciated.


  3. 'Michellio Andretti' loves this blog! I've punched it many times... and you're right - it feels empowering to know you're heading in the best direction, with the best people, using all your skills & talents!! Great work baby... ps. I also don't condone blogging & driving!!! But still love you! :)

  4. Sweet blog Bill! You have not only inspired me to take my life out of first gear but also to go for a blast in the GTI :)