Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rejection Rocket Part 3 & 4

I was asked to upload Part Three and Four sooner rather than later. I guess that means One and Two made an impact... But first, a short intro...

Part Three

and Part Four...


  1. Hi bill,

    Hope all is well. I was just on your blog and let me tell you my friend this information is so important to reps and also to people that haven't made there decision to pursue this business. You talk about people making business decision through other peoples eyes, and that maybe they should base there decisions on what they want in life for themselves and there family, and how people just crush there dreams instantly over a quick negative conversation.

    You have defiantly given a lot of people a second chance here. Also they know what they are feeling, is now normal.

    Thanks Bill,

    Marco Baggetta
    Acn Representative

  2. Brilliant video series Bill!

    Ah yes the good old negative views of creating your own future...

    Glad we have the flip side of the coin with successful people just like you.

    Question, did this 2 ton negative rocket show up?

  3. Thank you Marco for the kind words...

    Scott, what do you think? Ha, of course NOT.

    What I've found, but am pretty sure is common sense, negative people feel the urge to express their so-called, know-it-all opinion - even on topics they have zero knowledge of...

    Well, as you know by the video I requested a meeting to discuss his concerns, so that I could answer every single one of them...

    He did confirm a meeting with me. Then rescheduled. Then rescheduled again. And now not a return phone call, text, email etc...

    So, for those of you out there wondering if this rejection rocket won...please believe in the following...

    People who can't or won't follow up and stand up for their thoughts, belief's and opinions, aren't worth their weight in salt.

    You, yes you, are the ONLY person that can decide the outcome of your future...

    Otherwise, we'd ALL have been born with the silver spoon in our mouths - yes, that does sound disgusting !!


    ps - I've been getting a lot of calls, emails etc., regarding rejection.
    So, I am going to video another type of rejection blog...Keep an eye out for it. I hope it helps you..

  4. Very well said Bill.

    "You are the ONLY person who can decide the outcome of your future."


    It is quite difficult to defend a position supported by ignorance. I have tried it many times in the past and have failed haha. It's pretty hard sometimes to be open and allow information to resonate due the amount of "static" out there and lets face it, we are all influenced by other people to some extent.

    Having said that, it's all of our responsibilities to listen, learn and act on information that will lead us to being bigger, thinking bigger, and living bigger and fuller lives. I mean like you said, we've all been specifically engineered for the highest potential possible.

    To the 2-ton negative rocket... I hope you realize one day that you're actually a luxury vehicle built for greatness.