Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Let Rejection Stop You (part one)

Here's the Top 10 Customer Acquisition Excuses as heard by you...

Tomorrow, I'll upload the Top 10 Excuses why your prospects don't want to partner up with you and start your own business...

Feel free to comment below...


  1. great post love... loved the last point you made, especially! ... tho it STILL makes me crazy to watch you reading, filming, answering your cell AND driving all at the same time! you are one sick puppy, Mayhem !


  2. Great points made on these common excuses Bill. I will use them when needed. The point is as time goes on, with proper training, a partner can confidently respond to these concerns in a timely fashion and ultimately, proceed with booking the orders and helping out with the monthly savings for that customer. (Talk about a run-on sentence)


  3. Michellio/Sweetheart...Don't forget drinking water too...

    Scott, thanks for the comment...You're absolutely right. Proper training, implementation of that training is what will eventually give the partner the confidence he or she needs to respond positively (and) in a timely fashion...