Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't Let Rejection Stop You (part two)

Here's part two of Don't Let Rejection Stop You...

This Top 10 is focused on the varying excuses or rejections we receive from potential prospects...

Feel free to comment at the bottom on the ones you like, dislike or if there are any that I may have missed...




  1. Great vid Bill haha. Love this one and laughed quite a few times. Keep these gems coming.

  2. Bill, you forgot to include that Industry Canada and the Better Business Bureau are in on the scam too.

    And gosh, that's so terrible to hear someone get taken advantage of like that.

    Tell John that I'd be more than happy to reimburse that guy's $500 in exchange for those horrible $1000 monthly cheques. In fact, I'll even give him $2000 for his pain, suffering and psychological damages. I hate to see the universe treating people so unjustly.

    Horrible this ACN thing is...just horrible. Just imagine the suffering this guy is going through knowing his rent/mortgage is practically paid for whether he works or not. Or maybe even the lease payments, insurance, and gas on a crappy entry level 2010 benz.

    Oh, and let's not forget the added burden of having to go to all the way to the bank to cash those cheques too.

    ACN really ruined that guy's financial situation. Such a sad story...

    I would be embarrassed if just the THOUGHT of saying "I paid $500 and now I get $1000/mo = scam" entered my mind. Looks like Darwin missed one...

  3. Thanks Scott & Kosta for stopping by and leaving your comments...


  4. Hi Bill! After a year, I feel so bad I only saw this now.

    Anyway, I like everything that you said except for one that will definitely lose our licenses if we do it... that is "I can show you my cheques".

    Company rule states we are not allowed to show anyone the money we make. Check out S. Hunn's "Getting it right" video.

    I actually took a picture of our first cheque and I'm dying to show it off to people just to prove that the opportunity is real but I don't. My husband said it's this one "brag" that will get us deactivated. So I deleted that picture.

    So that everybody knows.



  5. I/we are fully aware of not being allowed to give income claims, as in, "You can make X", but actually showing a cheque I have not seen that as an issue. I will reach out to complaince to se if this is in fact a problem. Stay tuned...