Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits: Making A Connection

Wow...Last night I had the opportunity to shadow a real professional; a mentor to thousands and truly got to see how to "get off on the right foot" IE: Make A Connection with someone you don't know.

We're taught, that when we meet new people to try to make a connection asap; to try to start building a relationship asap - even though we just met.

Now, I've heard (and read) many times that the best way to "make a connection" or "connect" with someone is to ask questions and listen.

But I've found (and seen) that while that approach can work, there tend's to be a real sense of awkwardness at the beginning, and there's almost a "we both know what you're trying to do here" feeling...Yes? No?

Well, last night...I was in the presence of a master of connecting with people...

A new (to me anyways), approach that allowed the guest to automatically make the connection with you versus you making it with them...

Very Interesting I Must Say...

Thank you (Sir) FLF.


ps - I am going to try it out Wednesday Night in Pickering. Bing! (Aha Moment), I just thought of a way that I can incorporate it in to what I do for a living...See you Wednesday...

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