Saturday, July 21, 2012


A great read. Thanks GB. Very profound...

We all have repetitive Problem-Patterns that keep reoccurring in our lives. How you handle a negatively charged situation can tell you a great deal about yourself and show you where you need to ”dig deeper”. If you keep avoiding or ignoring the Problem-Patterns, they will reappear over and over again with increased impact until you deal with them.

If you have the courage to ask yourself why you are doing things the way you chose to do them and be open-minded enough to appreciate the answers and act on them with full responsibility, you can actually ”change your stars”. By recognizing the Problem-Pattern and acting on it honestly you will transform the limitations and inertia that are the end result of the unsolved problem into freedom and enjoyment in the present. For it is in the conflicts, problems and obstacles that the greatest possibilities for growth and illumination resides.

I know that this is really hard to do but, if you can tilt your perspective a bit and see the obstacle as a little ”Buddha-in-Disguise” giving you great opportunities to evolve, you will be able to come closer to your Soul-Source and allow yourself to change your future in a constructive and beneficial way while at the same time letting go of emotional ”carry-on” as regret and guilt.

The message is not – Be a victim, feel sorry for yourself and give up!

What your little ”Buddha-in-Disguise” is trying to communicate to you is – Think differently, use the feedback to change path, correct your strategies and above all Seek Joy!

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