Friday, July 20, 2012

Have fun with your “Bubble”

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by Gordana Biernat.

Imagine a soap bubble.

When we are born, our ”In-Here-Bubble” is as transparent, sheer and beautiful as soap bubbles. I think this is one of the reasons why children are perceived as pure, vulnerable and delicate.

While in kindergarten we do not see any boundaries between the ”In-Here” and the ”Out-There”. Without thinking, we seamlessly interact between them, creating magic in our timeless reality just for the joy of it; retracting our ”In-Here-Bubble”, expanding it, bursting it and recreating it again.

Growing up, our beliefs about ourselves and our reality become more rigid and concrete resulting in the hardening of the translucent and evanescent surface of our ”In-Here-Bubble”.

The more we accept others opinions, beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and the world around us, the harder the bubble’s surface becomes until finally, we hardly sense the ”Out-There” reality.

We become lonely travelers in the fabric of the universe not remembering the original dreamlike lucidity and sheerness of our ”In-Here-Bubble”.

To soften and expand our ”In-Here-Bubble” we need to be creative and open again, like children. That way we can daydream and play a joyful reality into existence. For what is reality if not a shared interactive dream?

This is what my son shared with me one sunny Sunday morning when he was just 7 years old; ”What if everything is a dream Mom? I am a dream, you are a dream…Dad too… I am so glad that we are dreaming the same dream! ”

So, dream on! Play and have fun! Expand, retract, burst and recreate your ”In-Here-Bubble”.

Just for the joy of it!

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