Thursday, October 27, 2011


Still no laptop. Tapping keys on the Blackberry is my only mode of online communication right now.

So, Appreciation...A word that many are familiar with but don't necessarily think about.

I was once told that if you don't take the time to appreciate the things you have they be gone for good.

Well, recently, my daughter Madison asked if I knew anyone who could help her get Mumford & Sons tickets for their gig at the ACC this past Tuesday night. Well, being an ex-music ceo, I said ya! Reached out to an old friend and voila, there were two tickets.

My intentions were to give them to Madison so she could take a friend. Then a very wise lady (Michelle) said why don't you take the night off and go with your daughter - you two don't get to do a lot of stuff together. I said you're right - so we planned it.

I decided Madison and I would go for dinner, check out the two opening acts and see Mumford play.

What I realized is that it is possible to not work every day and night. That it is possible to truly enjoy one on one time.

You see, you have to understand that as an ex-music industry guy, who's seen more concerts in a year than most will in their lifetime, that I truly don't enjoy the experience anymore.

Boy was I wrong. Its been years since I went to a gig. It took Michelle's encouragement & Madison's request for me to realize this.

Any you know what? We had a blast. Madison and I caught up on a ton. Schooling, friends, music and more.

Wow. I now realize we are all missing out. Michelle, Madison, Wyatt - and myself.

Today's post my friends is to remind you of the things we take for granted, and rarely take the time to appreciate.

Wyatt, pick a concert - we are going. Michelle, pick whatever it is you'd like to do.

Appreciation folks...Don't let things pass you by.

There was a line in one of Mumford & Sons' songs that I really connected with...

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."
-Marcus Mumford.



  1. Charmaine Chin (Facilitator) wrote:

    "Thank you for your wisdom. It resonated on so many levels - personally, professionally and spiritually."

  2. You are so right Bill. Here are all the things I appreciate:
    My son, who brings me tea when I am working too hard
    My husband, who never forgets to tell me he loves me and who never forgets to kiss me before leaving for work in the morning
    My friends who keeps me real
    My bride's, oh, my wonderful brides, I appreciate their trust in me
    My mom & dad, who can make me laugh until my sides aches
    My brothers & sisters, for all the fights, and all the joy they bring in my life
    Thank you for reminding us to count our blessing and never to take them for granted