Thursday, October 6, 2011

Failing To Succeed

"Success may instill confidence, but failure imparts wisdom…"

Don’t you just love that opening? This is a really good article (heck they’re all good…smile). What I enjoy most is that we all come up against “failures” of some sort in our lives, careers or business and the tips pulled from Gary Burnison’s book, are “wall posters”…notes you post on the wall to keep you focused on achieving what you want. (You do have those, right?)

Point is…you’re not alone and how you “use” this experience of “failure” can inspire both clients and colleagues into greater partnership with you!


Exceptional success is frequently preceded by failure. Whether it’s a business leader who finally finds her groove after filing bankruptcy or the musician who has paid his dues playing in dimly lit dives for tips, success requires a commitment to working with the end in mind.

Extraordinary leaders believe the most regrettable failure in life is failing to fail,” says Gary Burnison, author of No Fear of Failure and CEO of Korn/Ferry International. In interviews with leaders including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi, Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim, former Xerox Chairman and CEO and others, Burnison learned that strong leaders share a few common traits. “Although failure might be inevitable at times, these leaders do not view it as an absolute end point. They maintain perspective in the journey, immediately shifting from setback to lesson learned.”

Want to become a top-notch leader? Burnison offers a few tips:

=> Humbly savor success.

=> View failure as temporary.

=> Stay focused on what matters most.

=> Remain true to your core values.

Mastering the skill of dealing with problems without making them your primary focus will empower you to move past failure and into your own version of extraordinary success. Says Burnison, “Leaders possess an inner serenity that keeps them centered in who they are and what matters most, which enables them to guide and motivate others even in the worst of times.”

Onwards and Upwards folks, don't let small, medium or large setbacks deter you from your goal. Learn from them and continue moving forward...


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