Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going For No's...

Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

For anyone who has ever seen Darren Hardy (Publisher of Success Magazine) speak, you would have probably heard him talk about challenging yourself, by going for more no's.

This is a typical "sales" approach in order to help oneself "go through the numbers".

However, I tend to take a little bit of "different" information from those trainings...

Yes, when you go for no's, you will hit yeses, however, if you use the no's to train your brain that I got the worst "over and done with", then there's only positives and yeses to look forward to...

For example, I had a meeting scheduled with two heavy-weight's yesterday (major franchisee's) that I was determined to close.

My worry was that my exposures were down this month and my little voice inside was saying "I needed" them versus I was "going to close" them.

So, I opened up my rolodex and searched for a guaranteed "No!"

I found the name that would definitely say no. I called him to go for a coffee and chat about business - won't mention his name here, but guess what? It worked !!!

Got my no, took it with posture and confidence that I was on the right path and then headed directly to my heavy weight meeting.

End result - Closed em !!!

Talk about some "reverse-pyschology".

You should try it sometime...


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