Monday, October 10, 2011

Success Is Everything !!!

I woke up this morning to no alarm clock wondering if I should post a blog or not.

As many of you know, I promised to post one per day, Monday ~ Friday. But, with this being a holiday Monday, I wasn't sure if I should or should not...

Then I checked my email (while having my first coffee) and received this from Mr. Jim Rohn's Newsletter. Ladies & Gentlemen, the answer was obvious...Bill, do a post !!!

Success Is Everything by Jim Rohn

Someone once said to me that success isn't everything and I think I know what they really meant. I believe they really meant that money isn't everything, and I certainly agree with that. But I do believe that success IS everything.

First, you need to succeed to survive. We must take the seasons and learn how to use them with the seed, the soil and the rain of opportunity to learn how to sustain ourselves and our family. But then second is to then succeed to flourish in every part of your life. Good question to ask mature people: "If you could do better, should you?" And I think almost everybody would answer the question in the affirmative. If you could improve your health, shouldn't you do that? If you can learn more, shouldn't you do that? If you could earn more and share more, shouldn't you do that? If you can improve your relationships and spirituality, shouldn't you do that? And I think that is what success is really all about. It is not just a destination that is set for everybody to try and go for. It is like Zig Ziglar said, "improving in every area of your life to see if you can't say with satisfaction at the end of the day, week, month and year, 'I have made excellent progress this year, for myself, for my family, for my business, my career and my health.'" I think that kind of success everybody recognizes is legitimate and something we should all strive for.

Interesting phrase in the Bible that says strive for perfection — not that we can ever reach it. But it is in the striving, to be a little bit better today than yesterday, in our speech, our language, our health, everything we can possibility think of.

So yes, in my opinion, Success Is Everything!

—Jim Rohn

Aside from the actual words themselves, one might wonder, "ok Bill, I agree that Jim's definition of Success Is Everything is accurate, but why post it...?"

The answer ladies and gentlemen is simple...

Many who follow, view and comment on this blog are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs sacrificing what little spare time they do have these days to try to build a business and/or create a legacy for their family. But the crazy thing is that as we walk into the busiest time of year (for any) business, many of those same entrepreneurs aren't striving to complete what they started. What do I mean exactly? Well, the summer months were slow but many people planted the right seeds in order to harvest them this fall (the busiest time of year in our business). Many of those same entrepreneurs declared goals for themselves and others. But, many of those exact same entrepreneurs aren't out in the field harvesting what they planted earlier in the year...

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the time where we all need to stand up, take a stance, plant your flag and commit to finishing off what ever it was that you declared was to be.

If you don't, you're letting all of the hard work you put in earlier in the year to fall by the wayside.

If you don't, you're not creating that legacy you declared was possible for you and your family.

If you don't, you are just like anyone else who says "Success Isn't Everything".

I know you though. I know that you are not like everyone else. I know that you are determined to make it through the forest - make it to the top of the mountain, but you just need a simple kick in the butt to get back out their and "git r done".

So, please accept this post as your kick in the butt...

Love to you all on this glorious Thanksgiving Holiday.


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