Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

Late last year I wrote a post on The Fundamentals, and the importance of mastering them.

Since then, I have made a concerted effort to focus on those fundamentals, but have found that "making the time" for each of them on a daily basis, can be difficult.

What to do ???

Well, I've made the decision to calendarize specific appointments throughout the day on a recurring basis.

What does that mean you ask ???

Well, at 10am (on a daily basis), my calendar goes off saying, "Call Someone". The goal for that appointment is for me to call as many people as it takes to get a hold of someone, to book a coffee with them so that we can get together, catch up and I can show them what I am up to...

At 2pm every day, my calendar goes off saying, "Follow Up". The goal for this appointment is for me to simply follow up with someone that I have met and shared my business with, to see how we can work together and/or support each other...

By doing this, I treat these as actual appointments vs things I have to do, or dread doing.

By nature, we as human beings keep our appointments, and procrastinate on the "things we have to do."

What are you doing to focus on the fundamentals on "your" business...

- b2

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