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Recently came across and read an interesting Sales article, that I decided to re-write, to more appropriately connect with the business I run. I find that when I write, I tend to sort things out in my head, which allows me to focus my business better. It may or may not suit your business. However, I feel than in many respects, what's written below can and help anyone in a business or profession that requires them to approach, communicate & deal with people...

What’s wrong with old-fashioned selling some people ask? ANSWER: It’s pushy, it’s aggressive, it sizes you up immediately either into a sucker or a tire-kicker. In my opinion, it proves the salesperson needs you, more than you need the sales person. The main problem is that everyone hates it.

You hear it when people reference used-car salesmen...They say “He could sell ice to Eskimos,” or compare them to “Insurance salesmen, I don’t trust the lot of ‘em.” But most salespeople are not like that, Think Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman or Danny Devito’s character in the 1987 film Tin Men.

Today's Salespeople are taught that it is a balance between talking and more importantly listening. Then presenting the product and matching to the customers’ wants & needs. They know they have to build trust first, not after the sale.

Remember the old American Express holiday tv commercials in the 80′s? The couple were shopping in a busy store trying to get attention and finally held up their AMEX card to get service. That’s not selling, that’s opportunism; treat them special because you “know they’re going to buy.”

But not everyone you meet will want to buy from you today. Not everyone you think is “just looking,” truly is. And not everyone will want to partner with you, simply because you believe it's right & they should. That’s what led our business to the SW, SW, SW, N formula.

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Next!

Today, we can even add in another SW acronym.

Some Will, Some Won't, Some Wait, So What, Next!

In my opinion, it doesn't matter what one does in life for their business or j.o.b. Every single person that works "is" marketing and/or selling a product or service - EVERYONE.

Being in today's workforce (employee or business owner) can be compared to being a basketball player. The more "successful" free-throws you shoot, the more likely you are to duplicate them. The greats know the only way to do better is practice how they approach the shot. In business, it is also a game. The more people you meet, the better your skills become, the more likely you are to achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve; A sale, a partner etc.

But it starts with genuinely wanting to both meet people and move products & services. Without both traits, you can have the nicest guy in the world who never gets around to moving the products and/or services because they talk so much. This irritates owners and customers alike. And if he only looks at you with dollar signs in your eyes, you feel empty and used because they “sold” you something (you tell yourself) you didn’t need.

The only way to build trust these days is to slow down and focus, silence your judgements, open your eyes. Notice there is an "individual" / "person" / "human being" in front of you. They are "not" a guest, client, prospect, or customer. They are a human being just like you and I. The only way we will achieve whatever it is we set out to achieve, is if we afford ourselves the time & luxury of making a "real" connection with the person - Before you try to "close" them.

How do we do that you ask? Simply by asking the right questions and listening. Listen more than you speak. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should use them proportionately - Meaning "listen" twice as much as we "talk".

Yes you can find out after the fact that their daughter goes to the same school as you. But that’s too late. Yes you can followup with a handwritten thank you note. But if you didn’t establish trust with your attention to them at the beginning, it rings shallow and is a waste of time.

Listen to everything they say - Everything. This will (guaranteed) help you hear something that "they" say, that you will then be able to equate to what ever it is you're selling.

Some Will, Some Won't, Some Wait, So What, Next...

Remember the additional SW - Some Wait...This is extremely important and key in today's economy. More and more I find that people who say no today (or in the past), are in a different place, mindset, employment situation 6 months or a year from now.

We just had some incredible announcements from our company this past week.

My goal this week is to call every single no I've ever received, to 1) check in with them. See how they are, what they're up to, how their personal and professional life is etc., and to let them know 2) how I am, that I am "still" doing what I am doing, that business is great and continues to grow, and 3) to let them know that when I heard of the new announcements our company released this past week, that I thought of them. Tell them you are calling them with one question in mind...

"If I could share with you how you could put yourself in a position to "never" pay for a phone and/or internet bill "ever again", would you want me to show you how?"

If their answer is yes, then I will request 15-20 minutes of their time to show them how.

I think what we will find is that most who said "no" previously, might have meant "not now" - which in our world means, "Some Wait".

Have a great day ladies & gents. Not sure if this made a lot of sense to you, but it helped me personally focus on what it is I have to do moving forward...


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  1. SW (So Wonderful!) Bill. :)
    Thanks again for the helpful hints and reminders. I love your info on how to call all those old "No's!" Sure going to share this!
    Thanks again.