Friday, January 13, 2012

Do Superstitions Affect Your Business Decisions?

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Today is Friday, January the 13th

A perfect day to blog about Superstitions. Do they affect you personally and/or professionally?

Less than one-third of employees dress up for Halloween, and only 37 percent of us celebrate the occasion in an office setting, according to a recent Vault survey. Yet, how many of us are brave enough to admit that we occasionally let superstitions and old wives tales influence our daily business decisions? You may not believe this has or ever could happen to you, then again...

Have you ever rescheduled an important meeting because your horoscope advised it was not going to be a good day? How many times have you risked running late to a meeting with a new client because you could not find your lucky tie? Have you avoiding making a big pitch to a client on Friday the 13th? How about turning down a great deal on office space because the number 13 was in the address? On the contrary, maybe you have had to accommodate a superstitious client?

The bottom line is that almost all of us have given in to the occasional old wives tale, but just remember there is more to building your business than luck or superstition.

Has a superstitious belief ever affected your business? I want to know! Feel free to comment in the comments section below...


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