Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keeping It Super Simple - Scripting

Part Two of Keeping It Super Simple...Scripting

Thank you to those who felt compelled to share a comment on the blog. It's easy to do and much appreciated.

It's kind of funny...I had new and old entrepreneurs approaching me about yesterday's blog, detailing how they've been struggling with the exact same thoughts, feelings and situations.

Last night at another presentation, I had a mentor of mine, who read the blog and commented, ask me "so how long is it going to be tonight, ha!" I said I am going to "try" to do it in less than 25 minutes, because I really hadn't had the time to "script" it yet.

I spent all last night tossing and turning trying to figure out how I could summarize and close in 8 minutes and 16 seconds - And I think I got it...

Verbal Summary - No Slides...

Who you are and how long you've been doing it (in a sentence or two max)
Detail exactly what it is the company and you do (in a sentence or two max)
Mention any third party documentation (in a sentence or two max)
Mention any endorsers or major players involved (in a sentence or two max)

Close - No Slides...

prior to the presentation you should have met and gotten to know who the attendees are


Equate the pitch to their particular life, business etc...
Create Massive Vision
Ask questions that "require" a "yes" answer from the attendees

In my humble opinion, I believe that the above summary & close can easily be done in 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

Or, you could "script" your own summary & close - Which I highly recommend.

Till next time...



  1. Awesome and very helpful. I do not do these presentations yet, but when it comes time I will be ready and feeling like I can get it right :D Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and leadership. I look forward to learning MORE :D.

  2. Susan, it really isn't difficult. Script it like I've said and with practice, you'll be a star...
    - b2

  3. Bill, "It's easy to do [and much appreciated.]" So true, and I'm often reminded that what is easy to do... it also easy not to do. So with that said, I'm sharing a comment. ;)

    Thank's for the amazing insight. I enjoy sharing your story with my friends and family, as it is one great example of what we perceive (the grass is always greener...), but that is not always true.

    Equally thought provoking, IMO, are the success stories from the hard working immigrants, struggling to adapt in what can be a cruel world, at even the best of times.

    Bottom line. I'm glad you've decided to keep this blog going. You, like so many others in our great organization are an inspiration.

    Thanks for the tips Bill. One of my (heh... many) goals this year is to work on my speaking and presentation skills.

    All the best!