Thursday, January 19, 2012

Facebook + Your Business

Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

Over the last while I have really been thinking about Facebook and My Business.

I see my 1000+ "Friends" using their FB page in varying degrees.

Some, use it for their Photo Albums. Some for their Social Status. Some even post every single minute of every single day.

My question was simply, can and does Facebook help ones business, really?

Well, of course you could automatically say yes, simply because FB is the largest marketing tool on the planet.

You could also say that too many people see it as a "social thing" instead of a "business thing"

Well, whenever I have questions about business, I simply go the the people who "are" having success in their business. In this case, I looked for successful people in business that "are using" Facebook. I put together a laundry list of questions and politely ask those questions to those people.

Seems simple, yes?

Well, it is, "if", you take their advice and put action into place...

So, recently I had the priviledge to be trained by an incredibly young (26), talented & successful gentleman - Mr. Max Knowles.

Max is an entrepreneur. Max is young. Max is determined. Max has "done" it. Max is a Multi-Millionaire, business trainer to ahh, the max !!!

So I reached out to him re Facebook, and his reply was, Bill, I've created a video on that, and KABOOM! I have the answers I needed.

Now, comes the "putting into action" part...

You'll see a difference before the end of the weekend...

But first, I'd like you to check out the video that inspired me to take action on my Social Media Sites, to allow for a better connection between my the FB world and me/my business...Click on the link below...

Max Knowles

- b2

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  1. Ok here's the deal! The last 10 one on ones I've done, I finish my presentation by edifying mr. Bill Banham (note, I'm not even in his team) then I pick up my cell call him & put him on the phone with the person looking at our opportunity and guess what? Mr. Bill Banham has helped me get 10 new business partners!!! Hey Bill, you should get your own team to try that!!! Thanks so much for the support...
    - Glen Williams RVP Ottawa