Monday, January 16, 2012

Race To The Top versus Racing To The Bottom...

Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

Today, another video featuring a good (Music Industry) friend of mine, George Stroumboulopoulos, interviewing Mr. Seth Godin.

The video is entitled, Race To The Top versus Racing To The Bottom.

When the link above is activated, scroll down and look to the left for the video...

I apologize for CBC forcing you to watch the 2 commercials prior to the video starting

Ladies & Gents, Seth details a future that many of us have heard, but few believe. I am a beliver. This Is A Very Powerful Video My Friends

The video gave me even more reasons to believe that the choice I made 2.5 years ago to start my own Global, Royalty-Based, eCommerce Business was the right choice...And now I'm never looking back.

What did this video "say" to you?


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