Monday, January 23, 2012

No, Can be a great time saver

Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

"The word ‘no’ is a great time-saver. Say no to anything that is not the highest and best use of your time." -Brian Tracy

"Your time is valuable, treat it as such!" -Darren Hardy

For me, I follow the above two quotes to a "T", more than ever before, but I have also figured out how to use the word "No", to actually get a client to make a decision...

Think about this...

Whether you are in Sales, Business Development, or any profession in which you rely on people to make decision. A Yes or a No decision...

Well, if in your daily duties & responsibilities - Your business - Is to get a Yes or a No out of someone, then get it - Even if it is a No.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if a customer, client or prospect says "Yes" - Great. You've got an answer - And probably the answer you were looking and/or hoping for...

If their answer is a "No" - Great. You've got an answer - Maybe not the answer you were looking or hoping for, but at least you got an answer...

And then there are those customers, clients and/or prospects who don't give you and "yes" or a "no"...

I've decided to make a decision on their behalf...

The answer is NO !!!

When speaking with them, I ask them straight up...Are you in or out? Yes, or No?

No answer still?

I reply with, "Do you know that the average person that cannot say yes or no, typically has a question in their head that has yet to be answered. Do you have a question?"

Still no answer?

I then reply with, "Ok, I'll take that your answer or decision is a No".

Sometimes I've seen a confused look on their face. A look that speaks volumes. A look that usually brings forth a question like, "Why would you say my answer is a no?

My reply, is simple...

"I am not here to convince you. I am simply looking for a "yes" or a "no". If you can't make a simple yes or no decision, nor have any questions remaining that need to be answered, so that you can actually give a yes or a no answer, then I am arbitrarily going to answer for you - And that answer will be a No."

I do not want to Work with, Associate with, Partner with, Spend time with, or Waste time with people who "can't" or "choose not to" make a decision in life, when a question or opportunity has been presented, that requires an answer.

It's funny to see and that precise moment, how many people will actually make a decision. They'll either agree with you there on the spot and say, "no", or they will say hold on, I am actually interested. Or, they will say, "well, there is one more question I have..."

Then I smile and continue on.

Either way, whatever the decision or answer is - Yes or No...At least I got an answer, right??? - b2


  1. Love it Bill. We are so worried about people saying no that we don't ask for an answer. We then chase them around wasting our time and theirs. We are sorting not selling! We have the best opportunity on the planet and there are thousands of people out there looking for an opportunity to change their lives. Go find them!
    - Paula Holland

  2. Thanks Bill! Makes perfect sense!
    You are absolutely right!
    - Melanie Marhue

  3. awesome post, it actually helped me with something im dealing with today! thanks!
    - Corey Fraser

  4. Great!It is exactly what everyone need now!
    - Valery Urukov