Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Secret (part two)

Hello Friendly Blog Followers...

So, here's hoping that yesterday's little secret (part one) helped you understand a very important element in your business...

Today, I am going to share another part, and that's Posture.

What is "Posture", and how do you get it...

Very simply, I like to say Posture is Confidence on steroids - Confidence "without" arrogance.

Posture is in fact within everyone.

It is not something you learn.

It is something you "believe" in.

It is something that you become, simply because you have 110% belief in it.

Think about how some people speak about their family, their close friends, their religion, and the people they love. There's no denying that they have 110% belief in those things - Their Posture states it.

Well, this is also needed in your business. Your friends and family are watching you to "see" if you speak with that same Posture. Trust me, when you open your mouth about your business, they can tell if you have Posture or not. They might not even truly know what the word means, but they inherently know what it is...

Need some examples?

Mr. Larry Raskin

Debbie Davis

Two simple videos exuding "massive" Posture.

If you're simply not at the belief level of these two, continue to plug into the system and you will get there...

Or, while you're plugging in and gaining that belief, do what Debbie says, "Fake it till you make it".


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